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Hawthorne Theatre Presents:

Battle For Warped Tour 2017 – Round #2

with Dead Animal Assembly Plant, Within Sight, Unusual Subjects, Dead Nexus, Sojourner, Separating the Seas

April 26

7:00 pm

$8 Adv / $10 DOS

Doors at 6:30 PM | All Ages | Bar w/ ID

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The Sweet Meats Slaughterhouse was founded in 1895 by Wilhelm Schröder. Internationally known for his advances in industrialized butchery…he produced 30% of the meats consumed in the United States. In 1915 tragedy struck the small town he called home when all the livestock took some unexplained fatal disease. The ever resourceful Schröder turned to the only available meat. The townsfolk. When they discovered the terrible truth – they enacted their own form of justice. Feeding the once prolific Schröder to his own machines. The Sweet Meats Slaughterhouse remained eerily quiet and vacant..until one night…horrible noises resembling music emanated from the dank hallways.



Within Sight was founded in the winter of 2011 by guitarists Steven Carlson and Grant Evans. In November of 2013, after trying out many musicians to fill the positions they needed, Within Sight found its third guitarist/soloist Sean Searls. Shortly after, they found the youngest member of the band, their drummer Sean Trenda only 19 years old. Jeremy Jordan (vocalist) and Jimmy Sandvig (Bassist) were a package deal and contacted the band from an online ad. Once Jeremy and Jimmy heard the bands instrumental demo, they were sold. After one try-out, they were the last two members to complete the lineup of Within Sight.
In May of 2014, Within Sight released a three track demo to promote the album “The Distance Traveled” that is scheduled to be released in January of next year. The album has a huge variety of influences from all its band members. This is what makes Within Sight unique from most metal today. Steven has studied Bullet For My Valentine and Trivium shaping him into the guitarist he is today. Sean (Shredder) has a huge Metallica influence and can bring any song to life with a shredding solo. Grant brings pop punk into the mix with an A Day To Remember influence. Trenda (G baby or better known as Gerber because he is so small compared to the rest of the band) has studied the unforgettable Rev from Avenged Sevenfold since he started playing drums in 2007. Primus is the best way to describe Jimmy, his personality and talent reflects what he listens to. Jeremy was born to be a front man. Previously a drummer/ lead vocalist of his last band and studying Killswitch Engage, Jeremy took his talent to the next level focusing on his vocals.
Within Sight has been gaining some ground considering half of the members have never been in bands or played a live show before, this band has come a long way from their first performance at the Hawthorn Theater on March 2nd in Portland OR. Now, booked through the end of the year Within Sight is scheduled to play a total of 16 shows. On top of all the self promoting and acquiring merchandise, recording has been a huge effort between shows. Also along with their album The Distance Traveled, Within Sight has been working on a music video that will be released with the album. All of Within Sights events and efforts are supported evenly by each member and could not happen without all of them. The band is projected to take the west coast by storm with a small west coast tour in the summer and at least triple the amount of shows played next year. “There is never a show not worth playing” Jeremy says, “A couple people or a couple hundred people, we will always put on a show and continue to do what we love”.


After Years of feeling trapped in the repetitive and over saturated music and entertainment scenes of the Pacific Northwest, Unusual Subjects decided to create their own aesthetic performance experience to stimulate auditory, visual, and mental consciousness while integrating all the genres of music reminiscent of their youth. Three years of developing an eclectic styling all their own has brought about a new product of experimental rock. For the outcasts!

Unusual Subjects are a group of diverse collaborative artists from contrasting musical backgrounds and generations, made up of four core members:
Otis, Butter, J.M.F.C., and Skip Reason.

Their latest album, entitled “Tales of The Unusual”, is a complimentary mixture of psychedelic funk-style lead bass and grunge guitar with hip-hop inspired vocals, rounded out by heavy punk driven percussion. Each stand alone song tells its own characteristic story but are combined into a continuous play through on the album to formulate the over all theme of being proud of your individuality and standing up for yourself. These messages are pronounced through the perspective and image of each artist’s world view. The eight track project has been developed and refined for the last 2 years, before finally being completed and released with the help of Lansky Sound in Jan 2016.

Finding one’s own voice, a consistent theme throughout the album, has not come without its hurdles within the groups dynamics. Starting out as a jam band with focus on collaborating with multiple artists from all walks of life, Unusual Subjects have worked with five other musicians before clicking with the current composers at the forefront. Their future outlook is to continue collaborating on music with others.

The members of Unusual Subjects have a solid background in music and entertainment experience. Otis, having previously won awards as an easily recognizable entertainer in semi-professional wrestling, has preformed for crowds of up to 250 people while regionally touring for five years before retiring in 2011. Butter, while performing under the alias “Butterball”, opened for five nationally recognized hip-hop acts, been featured on a showcase concert based on fans voting over social media, and has had songs presented on faygoluvers.net as well as receiving honorable mention on their website. Skip has been playing drums since the age of nineteen and has shown a great amount of diversity in his genre styling such as thrash metal, punk, progressive jam, pop-rock, and hair metal. His former band had played a regular venue for four years for crowds of up
to 200 spectators. J.M.F.C. has played guitar for fourteen years, as well as vocal training in a choir, with his strongest genre styling in psychedelic indie, hard rock, ska, metal, and blues. While doing vocals his group received awards from state wide competitions as well as regionally touring.


Bringing fast and variable tempos with unusual time signatures, the heavy 7 strings will be sure to keep your head banging.

When I was 13 I remember staying up late into the night listening to my favorite bands on my iPod. The screen lit up the room with a soft glow as my feet hung off the edge of my quickly shrinking bed. I remember staring at the screen and just reading the names of the songs and bands I was listening to and letting myself be in the headspace of the songwriter and the band, studying so closely every melodic decision and lyrical choice. I identified the structural beauty of music, and it’s undeniable organization of pitches, timbres, and rhythms. I studied how all the rules are meant to be old news, that even in the midst of the rigid law of it all, grace abounds and wins. I did this every night, imagining my heroes on stage singing their hearts to me in the crowd.

Music has gotten me through life. It’s my way of processing the bruises we all receive on our way.

I don’t really have anything new to say about what music is, or what it can do, I can only testify that what’s been said is true; music can take the mysteries head on. Love, bitterness, suffering, joy, God, hope, despair, apathy. My bad days, my girlfriend, my purpose, my career, my hometown. Depression and aimlessness, I’ve found, are no match for an honest song. And the song doesn’t even need to offer any answers. It’s a process.

Our name is Sojourner and our album is called Vagabond, because we are on our way. We are transients, and we know we’re not the only ones who feel like this. These songs are us processing. They are not comprehensive of life’s intricacies and acute pains, or of the wonder and beauty this life has to offer us. Yet.

I want to be the band that keeps people up at night pondering what’s worth pondering. That’s the vision of Sojourner.



In the Summer of 2016, Cameron and Alex formed what is now known as Separating The Seas. After writing and recording their first full-length record, they filled in the missing members. Since then, they have been playing as many shows as possible, and working on a new EP to further develop their sound

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