1507 SE 39th Ave. Portland, OR 97214



FOH Speaker system
4x EAW KF750P
4x EAW KF755P
4x JBL SRX728S

FOH Amplification
2x QSC CX302
2X QSC CX702  
4X QSC CX1102
2X QSC RMX5050
17,100 watts total of continuous* output power (*4ohm/20hz-20khz/0.05%THD)

System Processing
1x Ashley Protea 4.8SP

Audio Console
A1x Avid SC48 32 Channel Extended with 48 XLR ins, 16 XLR line outs
1x Allen & Heath Avantis with
GX4816 I/O: 48 XLR ins, 16 XLR line outs PLUS 12 local XLR ins, 12 local XLR line outs, 1 stereo AES in, 2 stereo AES outs
2x CAT5e runs to stage
1x CAT6 run to stage
Both land USL but can reach most of the stage area House monitors are foldback from FOH position.


Stage Monitors
7x Eagle Works M115 1×15″/1×1.4″ Coaxial floor wedges

Monitor Power
6x Crown Macro Tech 24×6
6,750 watts total of maximum* average output power

Stage Patch/Interconnect
1x 40ch 150′ stage box with passive split (1x)
24ch subsnake
3x 12ch subsnake
1x 8ch subsnake
75x XLR cables (10ft – 50 ft)
2x Stereo XLR looms
1x 4ch XLR loom
1x 8ch XLR loom

Audio/Backline Power
1x Indu-Electric ‘The Cube’ distro on 100A 3phase service (Dedicated to Audio/No Guest Tie In)
2x Chauvet Power Stream4 power-con splitter
11x CBI power-con quadboxes

Transducers/Direct Injection
1x Audix D1
2x Audix D6
2x Audix i5
1x Radial J48
1x Radial Pro48
1x Radial J48
4x Radial ProD1
2x Radial ProD2
4x Sennheiser e904
3x Sennheiser e906
2x Sennheiser e614
1x Shure Beta52A
2x Shure Beta57A
1x Shure Beta58A
2x Shure Beta91A 
4x Shure SM57
8x Shure SM58
1x Shure SM58 switched at FOH


Lighting System
Avolites Titan Mobile BoardUpstage:
7 ROBE Lightforce RGBW LED Cans
8 Blizzard QFX RGBW LED

3 Chauvet LED Panels (overhead stage wash)
3 Likos front spots
3 ROBE Lightforce RGBW LED Cans (forward stage wash)


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